Heaven on Earth

Download : http://marialamburn.bandcamp.com/album/heaven-on-earth

heaven on earth

A highly eclectic and personal collection of songs by composer and multi instrumentalist Maria Lamburn. Music which defies all conventional genre pigeon holes, but moves from a rocky simplicity to sophisticated orchestral layers.

Heaven on Earth is written and arranged by Maria Lamburn and features :
Maria Lamburn – Voice, Wind, Strings and Piano
Stuart Hall – Guitar/Violin
Dudley Philips -Bass
Ian Thomas – Drums
Bosco D’Oliveira -Percussion
Produced by Maria Lamburn and Huw Warren
Recorded by Gerry O’Riordan

“good, good, good, very good. Yes and Yes I say.”
Benjamin Zephaniah

Track listing:
1-Heaven on Earth
2-Spirit to Spirit
3-Pirates Flying
4-For u I give
5-One School Day
6-This Train Travelling
7-Separate Worlds
8-Take me Away
9-Infinite Riches

All words and music by Maria Lamburn ©prs/mcps

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